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1907HUB 001.jpg
Newsclipping describing Burlington Washington in 1907 as the center of rail traffic.

1933 School Scrap Book 002jpg.jpg
"The Roosevelt and Lincoln School Scrap-Book. 1933-34"

1933 School Scrap Book 004jpg.jpg
Photographs of the current year's teachers: Mr. Cleveland (Principle [sic]), Miss Urmey (second grade), Miss Snelson (fourth grade), Miss Jackson (third grade), Mrs. Anderson (first grade), Mr. Gislesen (eighth grade), Mrs. Dawe (sixth grade), Miss…

Letter to Charles Callahan of the Skagit State Bank in Burlington from the Carnegie Corporation about giving $5,000 to erect a Free Public Library building in Burlington, Washington

1933 School Scrap Book 001jpg.jpg
Lincoln School was built in 1911 as a high school, but by 1933, it was serving as a grade school.

The full length of the building's basement was devoted to a cloak room, where students would hang up their heavy coats and leave their boots. The…

Knutsen fire001.jpg
Two story 1907 Knutzen Building burned; contained grocery, meat market and hardware on street level and offices of three doctors and one dentist on 2nd level. Financial loss estimated at over $200,000.

Unpaved street in front of Knutzen Building, hotel, Garlick Drugstore, horse, buggy,
New looking concrete sidewalks.

Thibert 003.jpg
Two story school building with flag on large rooftop tower.
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