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1933 School Scrap Book 001jpg.jpg
Lincoln School was built in 1911 as a high school, but by 1933, it was serving as a grade school.

The full length of the building's basement was devoted to a cloak room, where students would hang up their heavy coats and leave their boots. The…

1933 School Scrap Book 005jpg.jpg
"Full school session first day; changes in bus routes noted; teachers will hear their instructions Monday"

1933 School Scrap Book 004jpg.jpg
Photographs of the current year's teachers: Mr. Cleveland (Principle [sic]), Miss Urmey (second grade), Miss Snelson (fourth grade), Miss Jackson (third grade), Mrs. Anderson (first grade), Mr. Gislesen (eighth grade), Mrs. Dawe (sixth grade), Miss…

1933 School Scrap Book 051jpg.jpg
Newspaper clippings from April and May 1934: "51 graduates from Lincoln", "8th graders to graduate Friday", "Choosing occupation discussed by Hazen"

1933 School Scrap Book 045jpg.jpg
Newspaper clippings from February 1934: "Eighth graders coming to B.H.S.", "Pep assembly thrills 70 eighth graders on visit to high school"

1933 School Scrap Book 057jpg.jpg
A program for a meeting of the school girls club, including a business meeting, two musical numbers, a tap dance, and "the question box"

1933 School Scrap Book 055jpg.jpg
Photograph of students in costume

1933 School Scrap Book 031jpg.jpg
Newspaper clippings from 1933-1934 describing deaths and injuries of Lauren Vincent Clark, H.V. Wilson, Kristina Knutzen, Delbert Galbreath, and Peter David Samuelson: "Services Sunday for school boy", "Death of P.T.A. officer shocks", "Teacher…

1933 School Scrap Book 042jpg.jpg
Newspaper clippings from 1934: "[Kenneth Kasland] breaks leg", "[O. M. Hazen] ill with flu", "[Claude Young] breaks arm", "North Polehardships described to graders", "Noted traveler to speak here", "Magician performs for grade school boys", "Teacher…

1933 School Scrap Book 060jpg.jpg
Bobby Burke, George Mann, Louis Neff, Jim Brunner, Billy McKinley, Mr. Weber, Johnny Hodgin, Don Linstrom, Hugh Clark, Billy Tacy, Tom Bradley, Kenneth Crandall, Donald Danials, Paul Green, Fred Silverthorn, Bob Carney, Billy Gorman, Delbert…
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