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Two story gable front folk Victorian residence with elaborate spindlework at peak and on porch posts. Picket fence. No markings on photograph when received; similar to Oak St. Residence a different photograph and possible an earlier image of the same…

Horse drawn wagon with painted lettering saying "Burlington Transfer [?]" in front of West Side Meat Market C. C. Woollen & Son Wholesale Retail Butchers and two story "Hotel Hub".
Unpaved street.
Handwriting on sheet on back says that the driver…

Photographic Postcard of First Boy Scout Troop in Burlington Washington. "In 1914 a Boy Scout group was formed and used the Baptist Church as a meeting place. Mr Earnest Clay, son of Rev. Clay was Scout Master. This group built a two-wheeled hand…

Students listed on back of photograph:
Ruth Thomas
Jeannette Wilson
Ethel Steel
Kathryn? Rwehr
Alvena Lane
Grace Whitman
Carrie Stacy
Cecil Callahan
Lloyd Dunn
Bertha Bradford
Edna Danielson
Pearl Avery
Gertrude Woodward?

Photographic postcard , publisher & photographer unknown. Addressed to Miss Marie? Marchant
Moody Dry Goods, Anderson Real Estate, bank, and several false front storefronts, wagon, barrels, streets unpaved. Railroad tracks in foreground?

1933 School Scrap Book 060jpg.jpg
Bobby Burke, George Mann, Louis Neff, Jim Brunner, Billy McKinley, Mr. Weber, Johnny Hodgin, Don Linstrom, Hugh Clark, Billy Tacy, Tom Bradley, Kenneth Crandall, Donald Danials, Paul Green, Fred Silverthorn, Bob Carney, Billy Gorman, Delbert…

1933 School Scrap Book 058jpg.jpg
Newspaper clipping from June 1, 1934: "Teachers will spend summer on highway, in school and here"

1933 School Scrap Book 057jpg.jpg
A program for a meeting of the school girls club, including a business meeting, two musical numbers, a tap dance, and "the question box"

1933 School Scrap Book 055jpg.jpg
Photograph of students in costume

1933 School Scrap Book 054jpg.jpg
School honor code
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