HUB History – Burlington Washington

An online digital collection of family and community History

Hub History is a new online collection of historical photographs and documents of people, families, places and events in and around Burlington Washington.  The photographs and documents are scanned and uploaded by the Burlington Public Library specifically for this project.  Some items and photographs have been donated to the Burlington Public Library Historical Collections. But original materials may kept by owners or creators as long as permission for display is granted by rights owner.

Recently Added Items

Photographs of the Knutzen Building fire, May, 1956

Knutsen fire001.jpg

Two story 1907 Knutzen Building burned; contained grocery, meat market and hardware on street level and offices of three doctors and one dentist on…

Cottage residence possibly on Oak St. Burlington.


Two story gable front folk Victorian residence with elaborate spindlework at peak and on porch posts. Picket fence. No markings on photograph when…

Burlington Transfer


Horse drawn wagon with painted lettering saying "Burlington Transfer [?]" in front of West Side Meat Market C. C. Woollen & Son Wholesale Retail…

Boy Scouts of Burlington Washington


Photographic Postcard of First Boy Scout Troop in Burlington Washington. "In 1914 a Boy Scout group was formed and used the Baptist Church as a…

Fairhaven Ave., Burlington Wn


Photographic postcard street view of Fairhaven Ave. Burlington Washington. Building signage for Frank Moody Dry Goods, Albertson Real Estate,…

Man in front of flooded residence in Burlington, Washington


Photographic postcard of two-story folk Victorian residence surrounded by flood waters. Burlington Hill in background; No specific date but floods…

Center for Pacific Northwest Studies - Galen Biery Collection

A large collection of historical photographs that includes significant early views of Burlington, Skagit County Washington.

Park Day Burlington Wash

2014Aarstad006ParkDay (2).jpg

This photograph is described in the 1916 "Burlington Journal" newspaper article. The photograph depicts the workers in 1906 standing on a giant log…

Class Picture taken December 1917, Sophomore year in front of High School building presumably Burlington.


Students listed on back of photograph:
Ruth Thomas
Jeannette Wilson
Ethel Steel
Kathryn? Rwehr
Alvena Lane
Grace Whitman
Carrie Stacy

Fairhaven Ave. Burlington WN [looking west]


Photographic postcard , publisher & photographer unknown. Addressed to Miss Marie? Marchant
Moody Dry Goods, Anderson Real Estate, bank, and several…