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About Hub History

HUB HISTORY is a Burlington Public Library pilot project to create a vital and well-documented digital history of the greater Burlington area.  The collection includes digital copies of photographic and archival materials that are held in the historical collections, photo albums and scrapbooks of local families and organizations.  Examples include photographs, historical posters, brochures, menus, tickets, handbills, award certificates, news clippings, and any printed materials representing people, places and events in the area.

The project welcomes participants from the Greater Burlington area of all ages, who live or lived, work or worked in Burlington and surrounding area whether they have lived here for generations or have only recently arrived.

The Goals of the HUB HISTORY project are:

  1. To collect digital surrogates and personal annotations of locally held primary sources that document people, places, and events in greater Burlington. 
  2. To develop a searchable online repository of sources that could be used for enhancing access to resources, and for educational and community building purposes. 
  3. To identify family and community photographs throughout the community.  Though it is not intended to be a repository of the materials, the Burlington Public Library will accept some archival materials only if the contributor wishes and deems that the alternative will result in the eventual destruction or deterioration of the items.

We hope to create a vital and well-documented history of Burlington based on the photographic and archival materials that are held in individuals' personal photo albums and scrapbooks.

Project participants are staff and volunteers of the Burlington Public Library with assistance from local organizations and individuals, the Skagit Valley Genealogical Society, and the Burlington Historical Society.