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1933 School Scrap Book 001jpg.jpg
Lincoln School was built in 1911 as a high school, but by 1933, it was serving as a grade school.

The full length of the building's basement was devoted to a cloak room, where students would hang up their heavy coats and leave their boots. The…

1933 School Scrap Book 002jpg.jpg
"The Roosevelt and Lincoln School Scrap-Book. 1933-34"

1933 School Scrap Book 003jpg.jpg
Photograph of the previous school year's faculty: Mr. Cleveland (principal), Miss Urney (second grade), Miss Snelson (fourth grade), Miss Jackson (third grade), Mrs. Anderson (first grade), Miss Kerslake (music teacher), Miss Sturman (seventh grade),…

1933 School Scrap Book 004jpg.jpg
Photographs of the current year's teachers: Mr. Cleveland (Principle [sic]), Miss Urmey (second grade), Miss Snelson (fourth grade), Miss Jackson (third grade), Mrs. Anderson (first grade), Mr. Gislesen (eighth grade), Mrs. Dawe (sixth grade), Miss…

1933 School Scrap Book 005jpg.jpg
"Full school session first day; changes in bus routes noted; teachers will hear their instructions Monday"

1933 School Scrap Book 006jpg.jpg
Picture of the eighth grade class with teacher H. L. Gislesen. "In Memoriam Lauren Clark Died Jan. 17, 1934"

Students pictured: Orville Vroman, Walter Terwilliger, Johnny Hodgin, Kenneth Crandall, Donald Lindstrom, Albert Eliason, Neal Munro,…

1933 School Scrap Book 007jpg.jpg
Miss Knutzen; Earl Silverthorn; Melvin Peterson, George Mann, Donald Pierson; Billy Tacy; Hugh Clark; Walter Fenske; James Brunner; Delbert Galbreath; Leo Eliason; Junior Snelson; Blaine Small; Stanley Omdal; Billy McKinley; Chester Huff; Claude…

1933 School Scrap Book 008jpg.jpg
Sixth Grade
Top Row (Left to Right)

Mrs. Dave; Bobby Gorman; Norman Ovenell; Lawren Albee; George Ely; Lee Maxwell; Donald Rohweder; Howard Sparrs; Robert Fenton; (Middle Row) Harold Hansen; Kenneth Loving; Frank Smith; Gwen Suthers; Dorothy…

1933 School Scrap Book 009jpg.jpg
Fifth Grade
Top Row (Left to Right)
Miss Shorkley; Reuben Seder;Donal Tacey; Archie Cleveland; Donald Dan forth; Bobby Gunderson; Frank O'Brien; Scott Jewell; Earl Bennett; (Middle Row) Cecil Stone; Victor Neff; Leonard Hanstead; Alice Kaaland;…

1933 School Scrap Book 010jpg.jpg
Fourth Grade
Top Row
(Left to Right)
Raymond Homan; Everett LaThorp; Raymond Brunner; Murrey Sparrs; Elvin Jordan; Edward Ovenell; Frank Balch; Jack McKinley; Carleton Tollyson; Bobby Loving; (Second Row) Jack Snelson; Carol Paulson; Miss Snelson;…
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