Minutes April 2, 1957


Minutes April 2, 1957


Burlington Community Center


Minutes of Burlington Community Building Fund Committee April 2, 1957 [from p. 9-10 of the Secretary's Book No. 1]


Burlington Community Building Fund Committee




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Minutes of Burlington Community Building Fund Committee April 2, 1957
This committee voluntarily met on call of Verne Engelson and Mrs. Davis Tuesday evening in the City Hall.Present at this time were Lawrence Price and Connie Walker, (Firemen); C. Rohweder, (Sportsmen); Jack Daniels (Junior Chamber of Commerce); Kenneth Stowe (Chamber of Commerce); Vern Kirkby (American Legion); Ellen Kirkby (Legion Auxiliary); Ethel Davis (Alpha Club); Verne Engelson, Dan Pierson,Steve Johns, Ernest Emerson, Gene Entriken (All Kiwanis); Dale Hanson (Methodist Church); and Wayne Jurgena.
Fred Ovenell graciously consented to call the meeting to order.

Ethel Davis moved we proceed to form a working committee tonight. Seconded. Carried. She then asked for a show of hands to elect Fred Ovenell as the committee chairman. The other officers duly elected are Jack Daniels, vice-chairman; Ethel Davis, secretary; and Verne Engelson, treasurer.

During the discussion it was stressed that in order to secure support for this building project from the entire area all fraternal and service organizations here be notified of plans. Individuals not in any club are especially urged to aid by donating labor, advice, and finances.

Connie Walker moved that the first Tuesday of echmonth be the regular meeting time. Seconded and carried.
E. Emerson moved that Wayne Jurgena be designated to actas superintendent in charge of operations. Seconded and carried.
Dan Pierson, Fred Ovenell, Steve Johns and others told of progress already made, the availability of volunteer labor, including high school students. It was suggested that the treasurer contact all possible sources of financial support before May 7th.
The meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m. to meet in City Hall Tuesday May 7, 1957.


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