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Young women in white dresses dancing and weaving ribbons around the maypole. Thought to be in Burlington, Washington. According to Encyclopedia Britannica 2007 (v. 7; p. 977) the maypole dance is a "ceremonial folk dance performed around a tall pole…

A large collection of historical photographs that includes significant early views of Burlington, Skagit County Washington.

2014Aarstad006ParkDay (2).jpg
This photograph is described in the 1916 "Burlington Journal" newspaper article. The photograph depicts the workers in 1906 standing on a giant log after clearing land for a park. It is not clear whether it was Alpha Park or Maiben Park. The text of…

BCBFCminutes 1957p1.jpg
Minutes of Burlington Community Building Fund Committee April 2, 1957 [from p. 9-10 of the Secretary's Book No. 1]

Contains 48 pages of minutes, clippings, news photos, donor lists, pertaining to the Burlington Community Building Fund Committee fund raising activities.

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