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Photographic postcard , publisher & photographer unknown. Addressed to Miss Marie? Marchant
Moody Dry Goods, Anderson Real Estate, bank, and several false front storefronts, wagon, barrels, streets unpaved. Railroad tracks in foreground?

Photographic postcard street view of Fairhaven Ave. Burlington Washington. Building signage for Frank Moody Dry Goods, Albertson Real Estate, hardware, bank

Letter to Charles Callahan of the Skagit State Bank in Burlington from the Carnegie Corporation about giving $5,000 to erect a Free Public Library building in Burlington, Washington

Photographic postcard of two-story folk Victorian residence surrounded by flood waters. Burlington Hill in background; No specific date but floods occurred in 1907, 1909, 1910, 1911. 1917, 1921. Handwriting on back of postcard said this is on Oak…

Young women in white dresses dancing and weaving ribbons around the maypole. Thought to be in Burlington, Washington. According to Encyclopedia Britannica 2007 (v. 7; p. 977) the maypole dance is a "ceremonial folk dance performed around a tall pole…

BCBFCminutes 1957p1.jpg
Minutes of Burlington Community Building Fund Committee April 2, 1957 [from p. 9-10 of the Secretary's Book No. 1]

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